Advantages For Consultants

We’re Different. We’re Better. We’re EMPOWER.
(and we help YOU be better too.)

As a consultant, do you want to waste your valuable time dealing with plan administration issues? With EMPOWER, you won’t have to. At EMPOWER, we give our consultants FREEDOM – freedom to know their employer clients’ needs are well taken care of. No longer will your employers call you with compliance questions or participant problems. That’s our job. In fact, our consultants tell us the best thing about working with EMPOWER is that their phones are quiet. EMPOWER takes care of everything.

How is EMPOWER able to do this? Instead of just giving your client an 800 number to call with issues, we give your client an EMPOWER Personal Account Manager. This is a REAL PERSON your client contacts with any issues. This is an important EMPOWER different we know you’ll like.

EMPOWER’s Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), Health Savings Account (HSA) and Premium Only Plan (POP) administration services combine cutting edge technologies, like the VISA debit card and MyFlexMobile APP, with truly personalized customer service, like:
A Personal Account Manager
for Every Group
Daily Claims
Phones answered by People
Not Machines
EMPOWER’s dedicated account team is there to help your client every step of the way - from the company’s initial setup meeting, through open enrollment and throughout the Plan Year. With EMPOWER, whenever your client has a question or issue, they’ll know just who to call. The EMPOWER Difference. We’re truly BETTER.

There are three ways to help employees
save 25% to 40%
on expenses
the health plan doesn't cover.

Spending Accounts

(FSA) Flexible Spending Accounts allow employees to set aside a portion of their paychecks (before taxes) into an account to budget for expenses not covered by another health plan. The participant can use the account to pay for over-the-counter medicines, co-pays at the doctor or pharmacy, chiropractic, eyeglasses, contacts, Lasik, orthodontics and more.

Savings Accounts

(HSA) Health Savings Accounts allow employees to set aside a portion of their paychecks (before taxes) into an "IRA-like" custodial account to pay expenses not covered by another health plan. To contribute to an HSA, the employee must also be covered by an IRS qualified high deductible health plan. Employers may contribute to employees' HSAs. Unlike FSAs, unused funds can be carried forward to the future. HSAs are also portable and can be taken to a new employer or used at retirement.

Health Reimbursement Arrangements

(HRA) Health Reimbursement Arrangements is funded with employer dollars to pay expenses not covered by another health plan. An employer can opt for its HRA to pay some or all of the health expenses allowed by the IRS. For example, an HRA could pay all eligible medical expenses, including premiums for health and long-term care insurance; or the HRA could be limited to cover only dental or vision expenses. Although an HRA can have an option to carry forward unused funds to the future or for retirement, an employee cannot take their HRA funds to a new employer.

POP Premium Only Plan

The premium only plan option helps employees save up to 40%
on every dollar they contribute to your health plan.

The Section 125 Premium Only Plan (POP) saves the employer and its employees money by reducing payroll taxes. It works by making one simple adjustment in the payroll process: Employees pay their portion of insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis. Qualifying premiums may include an employee's share of employer-sponsored health, dental, disability, accident and group-term life insurance. The POP cuts your client’s taxable payroll by reducing the employees’ taxable income. So, both your clients and their employees pay less in taxes.

Employee POP Savings Example
Employer POP Savings Example

Advantages for Employers

Save on payroll taxes

Your employer clients save approximately 8% on every dollar employees set aside from their paychecks. (This is true for employees earning less than the maximum amount taxed for social security.)

Cushion health insurance rate increases

Many employers are passing along a portion of healthcare premiums to employees. A plan can be implemented with a simple change that will lessen the impact on an employee's paycheck.

Lower your health insurance costs

An employer's insurance cost can be lowered by coordinating changes to your health plan with the installation of EMPOWER Flex.

Save on retirement plan expense and other insurance premiums

When employees set aside pre-tax payroll deductions, the employer’s contributions to 401(k), pensions, and workers' comp may also be reduced since they are based on lower taxable salaries.

Plan fees can be paid by employer or participants

Administrative costs are tax deductible and can be paid by the employer or its employees. Fees can be collected by pre-tax payroll deduction from the employee's account.
Employer Payroll Tax Savings
with EMPOWER Flex
Without an
FSA Plan
With an
FSA Plan
Annual payroll $300,000 $300,000
Employee-paid premiums 0 -24,000
Health care expenses 0 -3,000
Dependent daycare expenses 0 -10,000
Taxable payroll $300,000 $263,000
FICA tax (7.65%) $22,950 $20,120
  Savings $0 $2,830 
Employee-paid premiums are based on ten employees contributing $200 per month to the cost of their health insurance.
Unreimbursed healthcare expenses are based on four employees contributing an average of $62.50 per month.
Dependent daycare expenses are based on two employees contributing an average of $417.00 per month.


Using EMPOWER, your employer client and its employees will benefit from the
following services which are included in EMPOWER’s programs:
VISA® Debit Card
MyFlexMobile App
Text/Email Notifications
Online Account Access


EMPOWER’s Debit Card… Convenience & Higher Participation!

EMPOWER’s VISA Debit Card offers employees total convenience. The debit card increases plan participation because the paper work hassles are almost non-existent. In fact, in groups which use EMPOWER’s Debit Card, 90% of flex eligible items are purchased using the card with no need to file a paper claim. Employees should keep all receipts in case we request them or if they are needed for future IRS verification.

Unlike some administrators, EMPOWER provides unlimited debit cards free-of-charge.

EMPOWER’s VISA Debit Card may be used to easily access Flex Plan funds. The Debit Card may even be used for some portions of an HRA account. Due to the Debit Card’s convenience, plan participation generally increases 50% to 100% in groups which offer it. This means substantially more FICA tax savings for the Employer.

Following are some Debit Cards facts:

  • The Debit Card comes preloaded with each employee’s annual medical contribution (dependent care is still pay as you go).
  • Each employee receives up to two Debit Cards per household.
  • Employees use the Debit Card like a charge card at pharmacies and medical, dental and vision facilities.
  • The Debit Card may be used at day care centers which accept charge cards.
  • The Debit Card’s payment system is linked with the specific copayments for each benefit type (medical, dental, vision and prescription copays).
  • The Debit Card is linked to a checking account established by the Employer. Debit Card swipes and paper claims are paid from this account (EMPOWER imprints the Employer’s bank account information on its blank check stock to pay paper claims). The IRS requires that non-medical retail merchants such as grocery stores, discount stores and warehouse clubs must implement an Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS) which identifies FSA eligible items. The IIAS is a point-of-sale system which verifies that the item is on a list of Flex eligible items and may be paid. Great for the Employer & Employees!

    In today’s competitive job market, Employers are looking for ways to enhance their benefits to attract and retain the best employees. Offering an EMPOWER Flex Plan, HRA or HSA which includes the Debit Card is a great way to do that. Employees love the convenience and ease of easily accessing their plan funds.

    The following are some of the EMPOWER Debit Card benefits:

    Employees’ Debit Card Benefits

  • Instant access to funds. No need to save money before medical items or procedures may be purchased.
  • No need to wait to receive a check for most purchases.
  • On plans with the Debit Card, for expenses submitted on a paper claim, EMPOWER provides fast, daily claims payment.
  • Online web access so employees may view their account balances and other information.
  • Employers’ Debit Card Benefits Increased 7.65% FICA tax savings because more employees sign up. Increased FICA tax savings because employees increase their annual contributions.

    EMPOWER Mobile Phone App

    Now Your Client’s Employees Submit Claims & Receipts With a Cell Phone!

    Participants with an iPhone, Android or other smart phone device may download the free EMPOWER MyFlexMobile App. This Application allows the participant to use his or her cell phone to view an account balance and submit a claim or receipt with no need to submit a paper claim. Participants with an iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini or iPod Touch may download the App at the iTunes Store. Participants with an Android or other smart phone will visit the Google Play Store to download the App.

    EMPOWER Instant Notifications

    EMPOWER gives Your Client’s Employees Instant Email or Text Notifications!

    Participants automatically receive an email notice when EMPOWER receives and/or processes a claim and when further documentation is required. Participants may also sign up to be notified via text.

    EMPOWER Online Account Access

    Web Access for Your Client’s Employees

    Employee Web Account Access. Employees will be able to access complete account balance information online at EMPOWERFlex.com. Employees setup a user name and password to establish their secure account. At the website, employees may view balances, download claim forms, complete an online claim form or email us.

    “Human Touch” for Your Client's Employees. With EMPOWER, your client's employees aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet, they’re real people. That’s why we answer the phones live and respond to emails promptly. Your client and its employees are valuable. We treat them that way.

    Web Access for Your Employer Client

    Employer Web Account Access. Your employer client may access complete plan information 24/7 at EMPOWERFlex.com. Once your client establishes a user name and password, he or she will be able to perform a full range of functions like managing eligibility, ordering Debit Cards, downloading forms and viewing a full range of reports. Some of the reports your client will find the most useful include the Check Register, Debit Card Settlement and Year-to-Date Reports.

    “Human Touch” for Your Client. With EMPOWER, your client is not just a number. Sometimes, especially at first, a new Flex Plan can be a bit confusing. That’s why we answer our phones live and respond to emails promptly. The employer’s time is valuable. We don’t want them to waste time waiting on hold.

    Plan setup and administration is easy
    with our turnkey service

    Plan consulting and design

    Upon receiving the employer’s request for administrative services, a plan specialist will contact the employer about their options. Services include plan design and creating IRS compliant plan documents. For existing plans, the service includes a plan review and amendment, if needed.

    Employee enrollment

    EMPOWER assists you and the employer in many ways. For clients located near Wichita, KS, EMPOWER can provide free, on-site enrollment meetings. For employers which are further away, EMPOWER provides enrollment PowerPoints and other instructional materials.

    Participant account services

    Services include contribution management, account balance tracking, claims review and expense payment.

    Participant assistance

    Services include call center, Internet account access and automated telephone account access.

    Plan compliance

    Services include reconciliation and reporting of employee account balances, plus compliance with discrimination testing requirements.
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